Branding and professional website for a local community mental health provider


UX designer


User interviews
Wireframes (Sketchapp)


A local community health provider approached me about creating a professional website showcasing his skills and past projects. I considered it a good opportunity to work on a UX project involving visual design, and also wanted to experiment with the web development tool Webflow, so I worked with the client for about a month to create his website.


I first held a kick-off meeting to better understand the client's goals for the website. His ultimate goal was to be hired by an academic agency rather than to attract individual clients. In fact, he specifically did not want to receive requests from potential clients, since he was not currently operating a private practice. However, he did want to open up a private practice in the future.

Based on his goals, I conducted interviews and gathered research on the target users of his website. Because the clients did eventually want to transition to seeing private clients in the future, I also conducted interviews with people who would potentially seek out talk therapy.

Competitive Analysis

I did an informal competitive analysis of existing professional websites of mental health therapists. I shared examples of existing websites with my client, and asked questions to discover what features and aspects he liked about each site. Through this exercise I learned much about my client's taste and personal style. For example, the client liked modern designs, simple navigation, and minimal content as he didn't want to devote much time to writing or updating the website.


I divided characteristics of potential visitors to his site into 3 categories: the staff of the academic agency, an informed seeker of services, and a general seeker of services.

Because the Academic Agency Staff were our target users, I further delineated the information that they would want to know about my client.


Based on the interviews and the research I had gathered online, I created wireframes that focused on displaying content that the target user (hiring committee member) would want to see.

Branding and visuals

I wanted the site to convey professionalism, but to be more warm and friendly than portfolio sites for professionals working in the corporate world. I presented the client with various color palettes, and he chose a subtle palette with blues, greens and grays.

I took some photographs of the client giving a lecture at a local hospital, to use for the landing image.

Lastly, I created illustrations that would provide a personal touch to the website, and that would depict the type of work he had done. I worked with the client to get a better understanding of how to visualize abstract clinical topics like EMDR and IFS. I decided a hand-drawn approach would add some character and warmth to the website.


For development, I decided to use Webflow because it would allow me to quickly build a website and allow for custom javascript. Also, it would allow the client to edit written content if necessary.